Kimball High School History
Chronological Events
1914 --
Kimball High School organized; First Principal: Professor Nathaniel Wiley.
1917 --
First graduating class; Graduates: La Boothle, Willie Davis, and Harry I. Neal, Sr.
1921 --
First tour year graduating class consisted of Corrine Prunty, Henretla Bozotra, Irma Watlington, Rose Lewis, and Mathew Graighead; Of the 51 graduates from 1917 to 1925, 24 have been school teachers.
1921 --
Wesley Austin played fullback on the Kimball High Bearcat football team.
1922 --
Kimball High School admitted to North Central Association. First Nego school in Southern West Virginia to be admitted.
1925 --
Kimball High School had the largest faculty in the state per enrollment; Twelve instructors per 160 students; Brown's Creek District Track meet winners; Kimball High School football team played B.C.I., now Bluefield State College - 6-6 tie; Won State Basketball Championship under the direction of Mr. H. Smith Jones.
1926 --
James Helig Dillard was high point man in the Mercer-McDowell Track Meet held at Bluefield Institute-winning a large cup and won the State Basketball Championship.
1927 --
Winner of Southern West Virginia Basketball Tourney; State Decronatory winner - Laura Lewis.
1928 --
Southern West Virginia Basketball Champs; Winner of West Virginia Girls Tourney; Winner of State Basketball Championship; State Essay Trophy Award winner - Dorothy Jones.
1929 --
Winner of West Virginia Inter Scholastic Basketball at West Virginia State College Banner Memorial Cup - Winners - P. Rice and Lillian Scales.
1930 --
Declaratory winner - Major Saddler; Essay contest winner - Eleanor Law; Kimball High School organized first Negro High band in West Virginia under the direction of Mr. S. G. Hough.
1931 --
State Essay Trophy Award winner - Roy Brown; Oration winner - Ivan Haper.
1932 --
Kimball High School winner of 8th Annual Basketball Tournament at West Virginia State College.
1933 --
State Basketball Champs.
1936 --
First school in area to have an active Dramatics Club under the direction of Mrs. Geneva Fitch; Southern Region Basketball Champs.
1947 --
Southern Region Basketball Champs.
1948 --
James Hamilton - member of West Virginia ALL STATE football team.
1949 --
Ronald Hewitt - member of West Virginia ALL STATE football team.