This award is available to 2020 High School Graduates.  Applicant must be a direct relative of a KHSNAA member whose membership is currently active and was active during the previous year; or a former member who is now deceased.

Application Guidelines and Instructions

1.  The application must be typed or printed.

2.  The following must be submitted with the application:

      a.  Official high school transcript of grades;
      b.  An essay of at least 300 words supporting your application;
      c.  A letter of recommendation from other than relatives (dated and within one year of application submission).

3.  Unofficial transcripts may be submitted at time of application for evaluation; however, official transcripts must be sbmitted by 15 August or prior to scheduled annual reunion to be awarded.

4.  After commencement of attendance at your college/university for the 2021-2022 school year, you must provide an official Verification of Attendance from your registrar’s office. NOTE: Funds will not be released until verification has been received.

5.  Completed applications, including items a., b., and c. above must be postmarked by July 30, 2021 and mailed(E-Mail: Postal Mail to:

VALENCIA A. JONES, Chairperson
KHSNAA National Programs Committee
P. O. Box 84588
San Diego, CA  92138-4588

Application (PDF) (DOC)